You can have a healthier life! Here are a few client's success stories with CranioSacral Therapy and holistic health modalities... 

"When I opened my eyes, I thought you would be standing right next to me!  It's amazing what we could do."        Debbby G. about her long-distance healing facilitation session

"Receiving CranioSacral allows me to quiet my mind enough to hear what my body is saying. 


It has helped me realign with what I really want in a relationship and what is no longer acceptable to me.”   Debby


"One such opportunity was presented to me last week in the form of a gift certificate to a cranial sacral therapist, Sandy Williams in Rockford, Illinois. Feeling overwhelmed by the distressing health news coming my way lately, I called and made an appointment....I did not understand cranial sacral therapy or what it meant. It was a true leap of faith. So glad I leapt!...

In my book, I’d Rather Love Life than Hate Cancer, I wrote about my evolving relationship with my body and ways I was trying to listen and nurture it more. This dialogue with my body in cranial sacral therapy opened doors to doing that on a level I had never experienced before....

The news about my failing heart and the cranial sacral session has created a shift in my thought process. It feels more meaningful to commit to a more connected, vital relationship between me and my body. To trust it more. To honor it more. To be more present in it."  wrote Julie Barthels.  Click here to read the whole blog.


Working with Sandy helps me connect my mind and body in a way that I've never experienced anywhere else. As I've journeyed through various health and anxiety issues, I leave my sessions with more awareness of my body’s needs and with a plan of how I can continue to help support my physical, mental, and spiritual health at home

When I was specifically going through some health issues, working with Sandy before a doctor's appointment helped prepare me for what questions to ask of my doctor and for the possible responses from the doctor. Often, doctors were able to give medical explanations for things I discovered while in session with Sandy. So, instead of a doctor's appointment being a stressful and scary experience, it was just an affirming next step in what I already knew was happening in my body.


I can't recommend this kind of self-care enough! It has been life-changing for me!

                                                                                                               Margo Stedman


Suzie suffered from migraines for over 10 years after a work accident.  The migraines often had her in bed or trudging through the days struggling to focus and to get things accomplished.  Medical doctors and chiropractors did not offer long lasting relief.  After 8 sessions her migraines improved drastically.  Over time she pulled back layers, like the layers of an onion, of emotional stress and physical strains.  Currently she is living her dream of owning her own business and is fully engaged playing with her grandchildren.  Suzie has referred friends and tells others of her outstanding benefits.



Carol was super stressed at her job, struggled with self worth and self-care, and experienced anxiety for years.  Carol was taught and coached in the Healing From the Core principles.  She is now much more self-assured, practices self-care activities regularly, and has healthier boundaries in all areas of her life. Carol’s smile glows as she talks about how much better she feels.

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