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Self-Care through Embodied Presence

To thrive in today’s demanding world (and pandemic-related stress),

                                                                 we need full access to our inner and outer resources.

In this day-long retreat we’ll discuss 5-principles that are core to the work of Full Body Presence (FBP) developed by Suzanne Scurlock, CST-D.  We will use guided explorations to help us delve into the principles to make them personal and life enhancing.  I will share six body wisdom areas that can inform us and guide us in life.  You’ll be guided to explore each wisdom area and how they work together for healing and rejuvenation.


In this retreat-style workshop you will learn and practice effective skills to:

  • Maintain strong, healthy boundaries.

  • Understand the dynamics of your own energy patterns.

  • Nourish and rejuvenate in healthy, life-giving ways.

  • Remain fully grounded and present, even in extreme stress (or return to center easily).

A brief synopsis of your day:

In this retreat you will learn how listening to the body’s deep wisdom can help us to navigate our lives and enables us to rediscover our innate spirituality and develop our embodied emotional intelligence.  You will learn a step-by-step process of reclaiming and transforming the tight, numb, or painful places within so that you can feel your wholeness – the sense of aliveness that allows us to be in a state of grace, connected with our core.  Using guided explorations, conscious intention, breath, and journaling, we will learn about our unique energy flows and how to create new energy habits that help heal internal blocks and open the way to grace and wholeness.  You will have ample opportunities to explore your inner landscape and delve into healing and rejuvenating practices.

By the end of day you’ll:

     Feel more energized and know how to maintain this

     Know and set your boundaries with greater ease

     Experience healing and growth opportunities with grace for yourself

     Be more grounded and know how to feel this even under stress

     Know how and have a plan to resource yourself

     Be more familiar and integrated with your body wisdom for greater internal guidance


Although some educational material will be shared, the emphasis will be using guided explorations, breathing exercises, journaling, and conscious intention to increase awareness of our inner wisdom and to hold a healing space for ourselves with grace and ease.


Here are the details:

November 5, 2022

9 am - 4:30 pm with lunch on your own


@ WomanSpace

      3333 Maria Linden Drice

      Rockford, IL. 61114


Tuition: $120.00. ($100.00 for WomanSpace members)

Register through WomanSpace:

             Click the underlined link above to register. 

             If it doesn't take you directly to the registration page, go to the home page, then classes, then Mind&Body.

Questions?  Contact Sandy Williams:

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